Universidad del Rosario

Lógica ECH


This is an introductory course to formal logic for first year humanities students. Here we present the basics of predicate logic up to natural deduction. Course design due to Fabio Fang.

Metodologías de Investigación


Introduction to research methods for humanities and social sciences. It covers basic concepts in research design and presents an overview of both qualitative and quantitative research.

Berlin School of Mind and Brain

Psychology of Emotions

Summer Semester 2018

Master’s level seminar on the psychology of emotions, including both theoretical and empirical literature. Co-taught with Dr. Dorota Koblyńska.

Tutorial: Philosophy of Mind

Winter Semester 17/18, Winter Semester 18/19

Master’s level tutorial for the corresponding lecture on Philosophy of Mind. Served as an introductory seminar to the main ideas in philosophy of mind, as well as some general concepts in philosophy for an interdisciplinary audience.