Other projects

Besides my academic work in philosophy, I sometimes like to code and engage in small projects. You can find some of these projects on GitHub. Here’s some that I would mention:

Text Mining Projects

History of philosophy in Latin America

Recently I started a project in collaboration with Miguel González Duque (ITU Copenhagen) to apply text mining methods to three Latin American philosophy journals: Ideas y Valores (Colombia), Crítica (Mexico) and Análisis Filosófico (Argentina). The aim is to get some insight on the development of philosophy in Latin America in the last decades using topic modeling. You can find out about our progress in this repository.

Mining the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

I’ve been visiting the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy to do some text analyses. Some of these you can find in this repository. Any help or suggestions are more than welcome!

Analyzing my dissertation

As a practice exercise I ran some text mining analyses on my dissertation Emotions as functional kinds: a meta-theoretical approach to constructing scientific theories of emotions (HU Berlin). You can find them in this repository.

Web projects

Personal website

This site’s code is available on GitHub! You can find it in this repository. This site is powered by Jekyll.

Philosophy Journals in Spanish

I also compiled a list of philosophy journals publishing in Spanish. You can find this list here. Even though it is a very simple site, you can also see how it’s coded in this repository.